Noget om relation, afstand og viden

Peter Ankerstjerne Brandt

Student thesis: Master thesis


Imagine the world as many small islands where some are surrounded by big oceans other islands is lying so close that the shoreline almost touches. Travels are the only mean of communication between these islands and thereby create connections across the oceans. Symbolic as this may sound there is a truth in it and this will be unfolded here. The aim of this master thesis is to explore the relationship between the Universities and Industry. These are the small islands embedded with knowledge and in order to harvest this knowledge we need to create bridge between them. A tool for this is the travel, to depart, being able and willing to leave home and enter unknown grounds. Departure is to divide us into parts, to wrap around all the islands and to reach the knowledge that lies imbedded in both Universities and Industry, to become part of the new place we call the third place. The third place can be defined as the place where the knowledge seeker is always already part of reaching out, never stopping always moving and always learning. The world is not made up of just two islands. it consists of multiple islands, multiple relations and a web of possible interactions. To seek knowledge in itself is not the goal of this thesis; knowledge is more a way to unveil possibilities that lies within having knowledge. The ambition of this master thesis is to create new ways to approach narrowing down the gap between the Universities and the Industry thereby creating possible solutions for any reader interesting in this area, regardless if this would be for philosophical or financial interests. Have a nice journey.

EducationsMSc in Philosophy, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages93