E-Commerce Why Not? An Investigation Into the Influence Factors of E-commerce Adoption in the Context of Boutique Vineyards

Oliver Markku Andrell & Austin Grant Torres

Student thesis: Master thesis


This research explores a general approach to technology adoption in agriculture and exposes gaps in research and which limit their applicability to other types of farming and different digital technologies. This research aims to narrow down the focus of previous research on the topic of technology adoption in crop production to viticulture specifically in Boutique Vineyards. The influencing factors of adoption of E-Commerce by Boutique Vineyards are embedded in a wider and constantly shifting social system involving a community of members including distributors, restaurants, bars and shops. This complicates applying perspectives from the socio-constructivist perspective which struggle to pick up on the socially embedded nuances required to fully uncover the web of relations and the influencing factors of adoption of E-Commerce by Boutique Vineyards. This research conjoins and applies theoretical lenses from both socio-constructivism and socio-technical perspectives in analysing four Boutique Vineyards and perspectives of two industry experts, to identify influencing factors of adoption as well as to explore new ones which culminates in a proposed conceptual framework to better identify the influencing factors of adoption of E-commerce in the context of Boutique Vineyards.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2021
Number of pages99
SupervisorsKatrine Frost Folkmann