Dropshipping as Creative Process? An Aesthetic Analysis of Dropshipping Stores and their Potential Value Creation for Consumers

Anne Catrina Altrock

Student thesis: Master thesis


This study explores how dropshipping stores can create value, through their aesthetical web shop presentation. Additionally, the platform ecology behind the dropshipping stores was investigated.

Based on the literature, the aesthetic appearances of landing pages from drop shipping stores and their value contribution was explored through empirical data collection, consisting of 50 web shops and three semi-structures interviews of industry experts as thematic underpinning. The acquired data has been assessed through a thematic analysis approach and triangulated to avoid bias.

The exploratory study revealed that if an aesthetical concept is employed extra value can be unlocked through the website. Moreover, investing in an aesthetical appearance of a dropshipping store can function as a gateway to brand building which can further lead to abandoning of the product sourcing strategy and transitioning to own manufacturing.

The outcome contributes to the almost vacant literature of dropshipping marketing. The study reveals novel perspectives concerning the creation of value through the right aesthetical choices for web shops of featuring non- branded items.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2022
Number of pages106
SupervisorsAdam Frost