Digitalization in Freight Transport Management: A Multiple Case Study of Freight Firms Digitizing Their Business Processes

Latifa El Maniti

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis presents five case studies to research the extent digitalization have affected the freight market with a focus on drawing similarities and differences in the three sorts of supply sides in freight transportation being traditional freight forwarders, digital freight forwarders and carriers. Theory is secondary data in forms of academic papers, books, articles and white papers. The phenomenon is somewhat very new why white papers and articles is heavily used while also primary data in forms of interviews with three of the five cases have been done to get conformative source and by the literature and white papers confront them with the theoretical findings. With interpretivism and social constructivism as a viewpoint during this research it delimits that the findings of the study is aimed to be generalized but rather provide insights into digitalization as an disruptive phenomenon in freight transport management. It is researched how business processes is influenced by digitalization, how the relationship is between digitalization and the change of work it creates and how operations and supply chain modelling is changing along. With the above-mentioned research focuses the aim is to find how digitalization of business processes in freight transport management can challenge and change the supply chains. The findings in the multiple case studies reveal that as business processes changes into automated processes eliminating manual tasks the overall goal is to better customer experiences and optimize with efficient processes. In addition the study finds that with the business processes being digitized manual work tasks will phase out and employees will become more strategic and creating new competencies. Finally the study reveals that operations and modelling will remain similar but have changed to some extent in terms of optimization and standardization.

EducationsMSc in Supply Chain Management , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages86
SupervisorsHans-Joachim Schramm