Digital Procurement: A Buyer's Perspective on the Post-adoption Stage of Electronic Reserve Auctions

Larissa Cristina Batista & Marek Kovác

Student thesis: Master thesis


Online auctions are due to their increasing utilization at the forefront of the new digitalization agenda of modern procurement organizations. However, the current research has been predominantly concerned with the implementation phase of online auctions and focused on the perspective of suppliers participating in these auctions. This study hence intends to contribute to the presently underdeveloped area of research and to investigate the post-adoption period of online reverse auctions from the perspective of a buying company. The major part of data for this study has been collected at the procurement department of a Danish shipping company and supported with the data gathered at the leading provider of e-sourcing solutions and different suppliers experienced with e-auctions. The analysis of the data collected has been conducted qualitatively, using coding techniques suggested by the academia. As the result of the research process, a conceptual framework has been developed that contains the identified factors affecting the post-adoption period of e-auctions at buying companies. Findings suggest that the main factors influencing the post-adoption stage are risk management, contract management, inter- and intraorganizational relationships, continuous learning and feedback. Due to the topicality of the research, the results are presupposed to have implications for both practitioners and researchers.

EducationsMSc in Supply Chain Management , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages120
SupervisorsMarin Jovanovic