Digital Platform's Implications on Value Driving Activities: A Strategic Conceptual Framework for Private Automotive Manufacturers

Rune Aabo & Andre Appel

Student thesis: Master thesis


Radical changes from technologies, within the digital economy, have bred the inception of platforms as a digital phenomenon. The overarching purpose of the paper is to evaluate strategic possibilities of platforms within the private automotive manufacturing-industry, with particular attention towards assessing how platforms shape value implications under the digital economy.
Through inductive and qualitative research, the paper dissects the primary value driving activities of the industry through a pilot case study of Audi, supported by platform-related cases, applying a multiple level analysis. As a result, the analysis formalises a conceptual framework, following a grounded theory approach highlighting factors shaping effective use of platforms and their relative value implication of platforms within each value driving activity.
The analysis finds that network-related and technology-driven factors are significant indicators of effective use of platforms, while the overall effectiveness of platforms differs significantly among the various value driving activities. Additionally, the research determines implications of platform utilisation as substantial within idea conceptualisation and production while contributing less to value generation within go-to-market and promotion within the industry.
Overall, the paper concludes that a conceptual framework is imperative to support decision-making, when involving platforms in strategic planning. Ultimately, the framework delivers possibilities of entailing platform utilisation within the iterative processes of a strategic choice cascade.

EducationsMSc in Finance and Strategic Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages158
SupervisorsTom Grad