Oplev brands gennem andres øjne

Jonas Qwist & Lasse Alfastsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


”See The Organization Through Someone Else’s Eyes” is a master thesis, which examines how the interaction of digital native consumers in online communities affects the way organizations brand themselves in a new digital reality. The thesis investigates this throughout empirical material based on the digital live streaming platform Twitch. The purpose of the thesis is to present strategic recommendations on how organizations can utilize and integrate live streaming as a branding tool to enhance the value of their brand based on the digital presence and online interaction of digital native consumers. With the thesis we will present these recommendations by answering the overall research question: “How does the digital native consumers’ behaviour in online communities on Twitch affect the premises for organizational brand value creation, and how can organizations apply interaction-based live streaming to increase the value of their brand?” In order to answer the research question, we conducted qualitative interviews with digital native consumers, a quantitative online survey, and we integrated secondary data from various sources on consumer behaviour and media research. These three pillars formed the empirical foundation of the thesis and were used to gain insights about the behaviour of the digital native consumers in online communities and how they affect the brand equity of organizations. We analyzed the data by using a theoretical framework within the academic fields of the network society, new media, consumer power, social media, and community branding. The paper concludes that the interaction of the digital native consumers on the live streaming platform Twitch contributes to create a new type of empowered consumer behaviour based on online communities as a result of the rise of new media platforms. Furthermore, the interaction between the digital native consumers in online communities affects the premises for how organizations create brand value. The thesis proves that the digital native consumers and their social interaction on Twitch represent a vital part of the brand value creation process. Therefore, organizations can integrate interaction-based live streaming as a strategic branding tool by incorporating the consumers in the brand value creation process based on the principal of co-creation. Hereby enabling organizations to build authentic and real-time brand experiences together with the consumers, which strengthen the brands of organizations in a new digital reality

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages128
SupervisorsJacob Taarup-Esbensen