Lean og det psykosociale arbejdsmiljø: En beskrivelse af spændingsfeltet mellem Lean og det psykosociale arbejdsmiljø i Jobcenter København

Mads W. Schøtt-Bejegaard

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master’s thesis concerns the implementation of Lean in the public service production in Denmark, and its effect on the psychosocial work environment. By focusing on how the five main points of Lean are adopted, and how this affects the social workers in Afklaring by mapping their psychosocial work environment, this thesis claims that the key to a successful application of Lean in Public service production and for a good psychosocial work environment is successful change management. It is stated by some that Lean will boost productivity and at the same time improve the psychosocial work environment. Critics of Lean, however, claim that although productivity may increase, the psychosocial work environment will suffer. Through my research I found that although there are some examples of Lean affecting the psychosocial work environment in positive ways, there are also examples of the opposite, and last but not least, there are indeed examples of it not affecting it at all. I found that the main point in this regard is that Lean is never implemented in a vacuum, and therefore every case is unique, and so the effects will always vary. Whether or not the effects on the psychosocial work environment are positive or negative (or none at all) is a question of successful change management. This thesis concludes that: It seems that the implementation of Lean has had a positive effect on the psychosocial work environment in Afklaring. This, the thesis argues, is mainly to do with the fact that management in Afklaring have succeed in activating Lean’s potential for doing so. This can be seen as a result of a successful change management. But this thesis also concludes that, although it seems that the effect on the psychosocial work environment is indeed positive, there are still some problems to keep in mind. This includes the social workers’ level of stress, which can be described as relatively high. Also it is important to keep your focus on group dynamics, and not to lose sight of the individual employee. This however is an inherent danger when focusing on standards and control - which focus is the nature of Lean.

EducationsMSocSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages89