Designing a Digital Service Platform for Racquet Sports Equipment Maintenance

Andreas Boers

Student thesis: Master thesis


This project aims to design a digital platform that will improve the racquet stringing service experience in Denmark for both service providers and customers. An argument is made that there is potential for the service process of racquet stringing to be improved. Racquet stringers spend too much time on generic tasks involving order creation and processing, and racquet players can be used as co-creators in the service, thus also providing them with increased accessibility and convenience. A literature review shows that no previous work has been done in the broader area of sports equipment maintenance and troubleshooting, and that this project will contribute new knowledge in that area. The literature review also investigates the reasons that users choose to adopt or reject new technology, just like it finds that customers of a service are willing to provide labor if they believe it will add value to the final result of the service. Furthermore, a review on academic research on parcel lockers verify the idea that the greater convenience and accessibility of parcel lockers will be able to create value for the users. The researcher adapts an interpretivist approach, emphasizing that humans create meanings, and places the users in the center of the design process. Working with a service design approach, the author aims to design an improved service proposition through the means of a digital platform and parcel lockers placed in clubs. This is done by working with the double diamond as a framework, and applying methods from the fields of service design and interaction design with the purpose of co-creating with users. A clickable prototype was created in Adobe Xd and was used for several rounds of evaluation through think aloud testing, while other methods of insight gathering include interviews and brainstorming sessions. The deliverables, i.e. what will be presented as a final outcome, are a clickable prototype, a value proposition canvas, and a business model canvas. The values that the service proposition will add to the current service are 1) relieving stringers of some of the most generic tasks, and allowing them to focus on providing a good service, 2) allowing stringers to reach a broader audience, and players to reach more service providers, and 3) offering players convenience in order creation and service delivery, as well as accessibility in the shape of offering them the service during an extended window of time during the day.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and E-business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2021
Number of pages77