Degrowth Strategies in a Growth World: An Investigation of Degrowth Elements in Organizations of Contemporary Capitalism

Bastian Heil & Till Jorde

Student thesis: Master thesis


Little light has been shed on the role of organizations in degrowth and post-growth economies. This thesis expands the discussion of degrowth to the organizational level through a comparative qualitative case study of three organizations in Copenhagen, Denmark. The investigation set out to discover strategic elements in the organizations which are considered useful for the degrowth transition. To that end, the investigation showed that creating value in collaboration with customers, democratic governance structures, and a reduction in work hours are key strategical elements beneficial in contemporary capitalism as well as in a degrowth transition. It is argued that the organizational form of member-driven cooperative is closest aligned to the degrowth paradigm. Building on these findings, a philosophical business strategy framework is proposed, comprising strategic implications, strategic goals and six core values: Meaningfulness; Collaboration; Sustainability; Democracy; Empowerment; Community. The researchers suggest a normative underpinning of the strategy framework with the capability approach of Amartya Sen. It provides a shift of perspective on organizational activity from mere economic development towards considering human development as the primary goal.

EducationsMsc in Business Administration and Philosophy, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages158
SupervisorsLara Monticelli