Nationalmuseets kommende app: Besøgendes accept og benyttelse af mobilteknologi

Anders Ebert Dyrsø & Morten Selsmark Hansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Over the past several years, computers, consumer electronics and software systems have boomed throughout society, both in the private and public sectors. Much is being digitized and online, partly to streamline, but also because it makes sense to do so, as most individuals have access to computers and the Internet. We live in the digital era. More and more companies are becoming aware of how they can use mobile technology with their products or services. We also see that foreign museums for a long time have used mobile technology in their exhibits. However, we see Danish museums lagging behind when it comes to the implementation of mobile technology and we see only pilot- or start-up projects. In collaboration with the National Museum, we want to illustrate how people relate to mobile technologies and apps. What attitudes and expectations they have for this, and what affects their intention to use it.We will examine this using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) theories. The TAM model is used in the study of the problem by forming the basis for our questionnaire. The model elements are directly used to identify the essential areas that the study will address. The study also incorporates issues that go beyond TAM, but is used to identify context-specific topics. The results of the survey is processed and analyzed through a series of analytical tools. This includes for example frequency analysis, normal distribution, correlation and Cronbach's alpha. These are calculated and compared in order to provide an overall picture of reliability of the survey and the elements internal influences. Our analyses show that the National Museum visitors have high expectations for the upcoming app, and expect to use it. The analyzes further indicate that TAM 3 can not be fully confirmed to be applicable in this context. This may be due to the late implementation of an app in the National Museum in relation to the app-market maturity, dissemination and knowledge more generally in society. We still believe, however that TAM can be used to estimate the visitors expected use of the app, and explain underlying reasons for this.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages174