The Lean Startup Approach – and its applicability outside Silicon Valley

Aleksander Blomberg

Student thesis: Master thesis


This paper explores some highly popular entrepreneurial principles, labelled under a common term known as the Lean Startup movement. It has been relatively little research on the topic of early stage entrepreneurship in general, and the Lean Startup movement in particular. Because of this, the overarching goal for this thesis has been to extend the theoretical perspective of the Lean Startup approach, as I see it as somehow insufficient. This paper highlights some of the key issues with the traditional entrepreneurship theory, and explains how the Lean Startup movement arouse out of these issues. Next, I argue how I see Lean Startup principles as focusing too much on companies typical for the high-­‐tech scene of Silicon Valley. Out of this observation, I want to explore the Lean Startup principles applicability on what I refer to as low-tech physical products. In order to do this experiment, I will put my own assets at stake, by applying the Lean Startup principles on one of my own companies. My report is in the form of an exploratory study, and the result is a critical evaluation of my personal experience. My research suggests seven hypotheses, pinpointing some potentially significant limitations to using a Lean Startup approach for low-tech manufacturing companies by comparison with high-tech manufacturing companies. I believe that there is value for future entrepreneurship students in testing these hypotheses in a range of low-tech companies to determine their robustness.

EducationsMSocSc in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages97