Fusioner i organisationer: Det faglige fyrtårn og den barmhjertige samaritaner

Morten Kerrn-Jespersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


In August of 2008, the primary schools of Hellig Kors Skole and Blågårdskolen were merged into a single organizational entity. These two schools where both interested in the merger and where already collaborating closely. Both schools were subject to the same demands and structural settings and had the same challenges with ethnicity of the pupils and their socio economic background. But both schools had considerable problems with one another during the merger. This thesis is an organizational study of this merger and it will use system theory and its communication‐theoretical framework to challenge the structural approach to mergers in of the field of organization theory. The theoretical ambition of the thesis is to show how an operationalization of system theory contains interesting insights to the field of mergers and acquisitions. These insights challenge the structuralistic understanding of organizations as products of their structural framework. The analysis has shown how the challenges and problems experienced by the schools can be understood by analyzing the organizations self descriptions and decision communication. Furthermore, the analysis has revealed how the two schools based their decisions on different organisational logics. Hellig Kors Skole where communicating based on a socialrationality, where strengthening the social skills of the children were communicated as a premise for the decisions in the organization. At Blågårdskolen a literary‐educational logic was utilized and the literary‐educational development of the child was communicated as a premise for the decisions in the organization. Further more the analysis has shown that the two organizations have constructed and understood the structural settings and demands diffenrently. Understandings coupled to the organizations communication logics and decisions sensibility.

EducationsMSocSc in Political Communication and Managment, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages160