Rammer ”bolden” målet: Hvilken adfærd udløser indførelse af takststyring?

Helle Erstling Rasmussen

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


The purpose of this task is to investigate the behavior to be promoted by introducing charge control. This case is about the introduction of tariff control on day care in Copenhagen. The municipality's intention to introduce charging management is to promote incentives for, and to enter into a new proposed structure with “Cluster management”41 and preserve capacity (to comply with the statutory child care, with an increasing number of children in the municipality), and partly to make the budget model simple and clear. The study has its concrete base in 2 areas of Copenhagen. It is concluded 4 qualitative interviews, 2 interviews with local “cluster leaders”, and 2 with leaders of private institutions. The study takes its analytical starting point in Principal - Agent theory, it is linked to motivation theory and the theory of organizational architecture. The analysis shows that there are examples of Goal - Incongruens in both types of leaders. Thus it is possible that the Agency - Problems arise. The study shows that the goals the municipality´s want to promote with the new budget model, allegedly created an incentive in the 2 independent private institutions to promote these goals, more than the model allegedly has created an incentive in the 2 municipal leaders.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages52