Danish Sports Shooting: A Cultural Marketing-perspective on Retention and Recruitment

Asger Pagh Milling

Student thesis: Master thesis


This Master Thesis makes use of cultural and marketing-perspectives for future recruitment and retention in Danish sports shooting. The topic in this thesis is about the Danish organization of DGI’s shooting-branch. The problem formulation concerns the declining members at the DGI-Shooting clubs. Two of these clubs, Lyngby and Skovshoved, were analyzed in order to give insight into the organizational problems regarding retention and recruitment in the sport. The shooting-sport in Denmark has a distorted distribution among its member-segments, primarily concerning females and youth-segments. Due to the lack of narrow explored field of this paper, a case study-approach was chosen. The youth-segment is of primary concern, since they this segment will carry on the sport in the future. To help solve these problems, both marketing-models and cultural aspects have been included in the paper. In my analysis I unearthed the internal function of the shooting clubs, and that the macro-environmental factors, to some extend, affect the overall agenda of the clubs. In order for me to help determine future actions of the clubs towards youths, several qualitative interviews with children were conducted. Another study had already unearthed some potential future actions to recruit and retain members for shooting-clubs, however the study was conducted in an American paper, and thus the cultural theory was used to analyze and discuss, if American initiatives would be successful in a Danish context. The analysis finally gave me information to conduct a discussion for possible future initiatives, both inside and outside the clubs to help combat the problems, which comprised into a final conclusion of initiatives.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages79