Ansvarliggørelse af Finansielle Investeringer: En systemteoretisk diskussion af ansvarlige investeringer løsrevet fra spørgsmål om det moralsk rigtige eller forkerte

Nønne Bjerg Linnet & Katrine Amalie Yde

Student thesis: Master thesis


According to the United Nations, the Danish government and the financial sector, responsible investments is a key answer to society's sustainability problems related to climate change, environmental issues and human rights. This thesis problematizes this expectation by arguing that the economy can never take general responsibility for society. The thesis demonstrates the potential of a ‘diagnostics of the present’ systems theoretical approach to discuss the limits and challenges related to the national and international responsibilization of financial investments. This approach offers a radically different conclusion on the limits and challenges than the classical CSR literature is able to capture. Responsibilization as a way of governing financial investments is diagnosed within the political and the financial system: We describe responsibilization as a political steering mechanism communicating: ‘The interests of the general society should be handled in the particular financial markets’. But how can particular financial markets take responsibility for the general interests of the environment and society? The consequence of the present regime of responsibilization is that we risk overlooking the fact that the economy – despite its will to be generally responsible – never will be able to take a general responsibility. Therefore the thesis is a call for politicians and financial investors to reflect upon and dare to communicate about their limits to handle and act in the interests of the common good. The thesis offers a range of arguments stating that the political and financial systems will never be able to solve the world’s global challenges related to climate change, environment issues and human rights single-handedly. Thereby the thesis is also an offer to all other practitioners to (re)claim the framing and solving of the worlds environmental and social problems. ! Keywords: Responsibilization, responsible investments, systems theory, diagnostics of the present, economy, politics, sustainability, Danish pension fund ATP, UN Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI).

EducationsMSocSc in Political Communication and Managment, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages130