Mobile Relate: Penetrating the Ugandan market

Guy Sønderberg

Student thesis: Master thesis


This research paper studies Mobile Relate Aps, a Danish company specialized in the field of mobile marketing. The company’s aim is to use mobile technology and communication to enable the interaction between businesses and their stakeholders. After a successful implementation in the Baltic region, the business has shown further interest in growth, notably in expending its market and technology to emerging countries. In light of this, Mobile relate has recently initiated a working relation with a local agent specialized in the field of ICTs in Uganda. The local agent Mr. Geoffrey B. Sekitto has been offered a licensee agreement to which he receives the company’s Brand, technology and knowhow, in return for 10% in sales revenue and brand visibility for the Danish company. Nevertheless, the business wanted to know what are the market trends, and best alternative in entering this market. It was drawn from the research that the industry at stake shows positive trends especially when looking at the various economic and social indicators. Furthermore, it was discovered that the microenvironment yield positive prospects. Industry experts, customer surveys and the PLC curve confirm that this line of business is in its early growth stages, which entails that there is space for new comers. The immediate environment held base for a strategic discussion, which outlined a differentiation approach for Mobile Relate that should be implemented through strategic alliances with key stakeholders in the business of consumer goods. This line of entry is mainly stimulated by the limitation of the market set by the Ugandan Communication Council (UCC). Furthermore, it takes into consideration the major challenges that the company faces, notably its low budget and limited staff, and offers a key opportunity for the company to gain competitive advantage. By successfully addressing this strategy, Mobile Relate will be able to achieve its main goal of penetrating the Ugandan market and eventually using the same model as a stepping stone to the East African Market, in creating growth and brand value for its business.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages101