MobilePay i Tyskland

Kristian Bagge Hansen & Jonas Mikkelsen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


This thesis aims to investigate and explain the main drivers of the digital transformation in financial services in general, as well as in Germany. Our thesis is aiming to deliver strategic recommendations to the management in MobilePay, regarding our recommendations on, how to enter the German market. Danske Bank launched MobilePay in May 2013, and quickly acquired a big market share in Denmark. This was in part, because of first-mover advantages, but also the intuitiveness of the product, it was easy to use. Since then, MobilePay has grown significantly, and having approximately 3,5 million users i Denmark. This, compared to the general size of the Danish market, means that 9 out of 10 smartphones in Denmark has this application installed on their smartphone. The German market for mobile payments has a lot of potential. The German population is about 82 million. This in itself makes it an interesting market, as the potential market size is big. The German market however, also consists of many challenges. The German public has a preference for cash-payments. This indicates that the payment market in itself has not digitized as quickly in Germany, as in many other countries including Denmark. However there seems to be a connection, in the increasing number of people using mobile banking applications, and the preference for cash-payments decreasing because of this. Our research indicates that a digitization of financial services in a bank, can improve customer satisfaction as well as the bottom line. This greatly improves the possibilities of entering into a strategic alliance, and also improves the incentive of an external partner to commit to this alliance, because of the potential positive benefits for their business.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in International Business, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages105