Service Goes Social: Social Media as a way to enhance Customer Service

Linda Jane Lopez

Student thesis: Master thesis


The present paper focuses on gaining insight into how to improve customer service using Social Media. The research is aimed at finding ways to improve customer service on Social Media, with the overall objective of increasing user engagement. A case study is used as the primary unit of analysis. The research paper explores the role of customer service delivery through Social Media, both from a theoretical perspective, taking into account theories that encompass services and Social Media, and from a practical perspective, observing what exactly is done when performing this delivery. The methodology used for the data collection is based on deductive reasoning, and the data, which is of qualitative and quantitative nature, is obtained through primary sources. Interviews comprise the main source of qualitative data, while a questionnaire and direct observation of Social Media interactions are the source of the quantitative data. The desire of gathering these data sources and analyzing the current practices is to understand what the state of the phenomena is and what can be done to add value to the case company’s activities. The findings obtained from the investigation revolved around two different themes, namely Social Media strategies and customer satisfaction. The first finding regarding Social Media strategies is that top management must back up Social Media efforts. The following findings relate to the creation of a team which will handle the case company’s Social Media presence, and that a knowledge database can support effective customer service on Social Media. The findings regarding the second theme, customer satisfaction, relate to how the case company’s employees respond to its users, and that the users’ characteristics should be taken into account throughout these interactions.

EducationsMSocSc in Service Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages80