Recommendations for Bravo Tours’ new media strategy, based on decision-making roles in a Danish family

Simone Johansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Purpose: In this study, I intent to explore the consumer behaviour and decision making roles in a family for buying package holiday deals from Danish travel agencies. The overall goal of this paper is to provide Bravo Tours with information about travel consumers and make suggestions to their media strategy. Design/methodology/approach: Studies have shown that understanding the target group is a link in the chain of making an appropriate media mix, hence I will aim to explore how Danish families behave in the decision-making process when buying a package holiday, what motivates them to travel, how they are affected by media, and how they act in decision-making roles within the family. Percy and Elliot conducted a comprehensive study of a five step model that includes the step of: Selecting target audience, understand decision making, determine positioning, develop communication strategy, and finally select media strategy. I will use these five steps to come up with the optimal media strategy for a travel agency in Denmark, and further strive to give recommendations to Bravo Tours, which is one of the leading travel agencies in Denmark. It is an exploratory study with an extension of a descriptive study. I will take a social constructionism position which evolves from subjectivism. The paper will follow the approach of a deductive study, as I will test already existing theories and my hypotheses with qualitative interviews. Findings: Bravo Tours should continue not to use radio as it requires visual content for people to get motivated and affected. In terms of media points, the two most important for brand awareness recall, brand attitude, visual content and frequency are television and internet. The advertisement should start 5-6 month before the summer holiday, as that is when most people start looking for holidays. In relation to television and magazines it is crucial to show the motivational factors which are the sun and being with the family and at the same time give people what they want to see in the commercials, which are; specific hotels and facilities at a good price. Bravo Tours ought to be showing television commercials on female channels and advertise in female magazines, as they, in most cases are the ones that experience need arousal and start looking for possible holidays. People are not excited about internet banners, so instead Bravo Tours should focus more on viral marketing, social media, user–friendly website, and a high SEO. My analysis came up with an average on how they should arrange the media spend, I would, based on my findings, say 40% television, 40% internet, and 20% magazines, instead af 33% TV, 33% internet, and 33% print as Bravo Tours is doing now.

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages124