Den danske velfærdsmodel i Den Europæiske Union: En kvalitativ analyse af påvirkningen af arbejdskraftens fri bevægelighed og princippet om ikke-­diskrimination på den danske velfærdsmodel

Cilia Allermann Rasmussen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Abstract: Denmark has been a member of the EU for 42 years. This membership has included Denmark in a European collaboration that over the years has gained increased influence on a growing number of policy areas. One such area is the welfare policies. This thesis addresses the impact the two core principles of the EU – the free movement of workers and the principle of non-­‐ discrimination – have on the Danish welfare policies and therefore on the Danish welfare model. This is taking in to considerations, that the EU is characterized by different political traditions and democratic cultures. On this basis, the research question of this thesis is the following: How do the free movement of workers within the Single Market and the principle of non-­‐ discrimination affect the Danish welfare model? In order to answer the research question, the method approach of the thesis is based on an Europeanization research design, which examines the relationship between cause and effect. This research design is divided into three phases. The first phase defines the characteristics of the independent variable (cause). The second phase examines the importance of four intermediate variables while the third phase analyzes the dependent variable (effect). The independent variable consists of two cases. These to cases are the Danish State Educational Grant (called “SU”) and the Danish child benefit allowance (called “børnecheck”). Thus the Europeanization research design is combined with a qualitative study of the above-­‐mentioned two selected cases. The thesis concludes that the Danish welfare model has been affected by the two cases although the impact is not crucial at this stage. However, it also concludes that the possible development in the two cases along with future cases concerning core Danish social services and especially the national demand for protecting these social services might have a fundamental impact on the Danish welfare model and the principles it is based on.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages91