Entertainment and Responsibility: A Search for a Normative Ethics of Responsibility for the Media Industry

Arnar Narfi Vidarsson

Student thesis: Master thesis


Even with the new wave of Corporate Social Responsibility the social aspect of it in some sense seems lacking. Normative ethics have fallen to the side in modern times and this has meant that an ethics of responsibility has not been explored for a while and thus has been undervalued. The aim of this paper is to seek a normative ethics of responsibility. This research paper looks at responsibility and the entertainment industry through a case on the TV series “Okkupert” (Occupied). The paper builds a framework of power and discourse through which it considers the power held by entertainment media and the power it wields through the creation and perpetuation of discourse and why understanding this is important. The paper then lays out the reason why there is an ethics of responsibility. It does so through the ethics of Hans Jonas and the field of CSR. The paper tries to offer a solution for how to bring ethical responsibility into the organization namely by rethinking corporate reporting and including intellectual capital. The paper ends with a perspectivation on the applicability of the concept for other issues within entertainment media and deals with the possible pitfalls of applying the concept too widely and straying into censorship rather than self-critique and reflection on the dominant cultural discourse and the power it wields over how society understands and perceives reality.

EducationsMSc in International Business and Politics, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages86