Når generasjon Y velger jobb og karriere: En kvantitativ undersøkelse av et komplekst generasjonssegment

Tonje Andreassen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The main purpose of this thesis is to examine what specific factors students from Generation Y prefer when considering a career at Ernst & Young after graduation. Special attention will also be placed on finding how time and context can affect the ranking of these factors. The aim of the study is to provide Ernst & Young with knowledge that can help them to become even more attractive to a complex generation Y, which has grown up in a period characterized by a paradigm shift in technology, globalization and demographic change. Through my social constructivist perspective, using a hermeneutic analysis strategy, the thesis analyses the phenomenon of generation Y trough the use of theories related to behavioral motivation and the psychological contract. The data is found through a quantitative survey based on responses from Norwegian students at primarily three different business schools; Copenhagen Business School, Trondheim Business School and Norwegian School of Economics. Students from other Norwegian business schools (i.e. Ås Uni. and Tromsø College Uni.) are placed under the category ¨other¨. The data has been collected through a link published in a Facebook page that was created especially for this survey. My findings are categorized in two parts. The job-related findings indicate that the Norwegian students primarily look for interesting work, opportunities to learn, opportunities for personal development and the ability to fully utilize their competencies. On the employer-related side the students emphasize good colleagues, good internal culture and good social relations at work, solid training and continuous coaching. Through cross tabs and chi-square testing, my data also indicate that there can be found some differences between the schools. That provides value to depict the impact of that time and social context can affect how individuals’ rank and prefers job- and employer related factors. I also achieved a new theoretical understanding of that employer branding and the psychological contract should be seen as more cohesive. This can be important to put into consideration when searching for the ¨best¨ candidates to hire, and to increase the attraction towards the company.

EducationsMSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages88