Facilitering af organisatorisk identitet i virksomheder med temporary workers

Søren Hvalsøe Wester Sørensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The objective of this thesis is to investigate what opportunities companies with temporary workers have when facilitating organizational identity. There exist a number of issues for these companies due to their short-term employment contracts with their employees. Some of these issues, I find, can be solved by actively strengthening the cognitive connection between employee and organization. In the course of researching and writing this thesis for TrygFonden Kystlivredning I have moved away from the preconception that there exists “one” organizational identity for a given company. In taking up a more pragmatic constructivist perspective, I find that there simultaneously co-exists a series of different identities with each employee. To facilitate all these identities and conflicting beliefs into one uniform corporate identity would be a difficult task in practice – and in theory perhaps impossible. In this light, I explore theoretically how establishing core values for the organization can funcion as cornerstones for work with an IT based storytelling tool in order to enhance the individual employee’s personal identity and strengthen the relationship to the company. The thesis concludes that there are benefits such as higher motivation and better job performance when temporary workers feel that their personal identity has been strengthen by actions of the organization. These actions should be channelled through a website where storytelling is the effective mean for succeeding in building the cognitive connection between employee and organization.

EducationsMSc in Psychology, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages83