Teamcoaching: En guideline for HR

Cecilie Martine Stougaard

Student thesis: Master thesis


The literature about team coaching is still in its infancy, leaving little or no information for Human Resource (HR) Professionals, who have been asked to coach a team within their organization. Even though the practice and education of team coaches both are very profound, the knowledge from the private institutions seems to be kept tacit. The tacit knowledge is unreachable for an HR professional, leaving the execution (and result) of team coaching restricted at best. This thesis creates a team coaching guideline for an HR professional, and contributes to the team coaching practice and research, by elucidating both premises for team coaching and presenting a team coaching guideline with assisting timings. The guideline is based on an analysis of the team coaching literature, represented by two articles: Hackman and Wageman (2005) and Hauser (2014), and an analysis of the team coaching practice, represented by five team coaching experts. Through the instrumentality of a self-created model, this thesis has made out explicit components and methods for executing team coaching, resulting in a team coaching guideline consisting of 3 premises, 3 timings, 16 components and 61 methods. The 16 components and 61 methods are grouped into 8 super components; ‘Establishment of Work Orientation’, ‘Assessments’, ‘Contract Determination’, ‘Team Analysis’, ‘Termination’, ‘Anchoring’, ‘Dynamics Identification’ and ‘Role Adjustment’. All super components may be located at the different timings in relation to the entire team coaching course. Through the self-created model, and the analysis of the team coaching literature and practice, this thesis contributes to the understanding of team coaching execution by: 1) building a formal language around team coaching, enabling further research to build upon this foundation (the self-created model), and 2) explicating knowledge about team coaching execution (through the guideline), assisting HR professionals when they coach teams.

EducationsMSocSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages119