Memsource: How Can Cloud Computer Aided Translation Improve the Relationship Between Translators and Language Service Providers Leading Them to More Efficient Collaboration?

Fabien Laurent Vernagallo

Student thesis: Master thesis


The main purpose of this thesis is to investigate how LSPs (Language Service Providers) can be more flexible in the management of translation projects while cutting costs and maintaining quality through Memsource. It is considered whether translators and LSPs using offline translation technologies and different methods to perform a translation assignment waste time and effort to manage translation projects. Memsource is a cloud-based CAT (Computer Aided translation) tool which uses cloud technology to bring together project managers and translators on a single platform. Seamless integration improves collaboration between LSPs and translators: LSPs can manage projects while translators focus on their task, all with full transparency and visibility leading to more efficiency. Through the prism of supplier integration and supplier relationship management, the pertinent challenges are presented with reference to technology and collaboration between LSPs and translators to very if academic research in the manufacturing industry can be generalised in the language service industry. In order to explore these issues, business process workflows have been defined to create a questionnaire and a case study. Business process workflows consist of processes to carry on a translation project namely converting, analysing, translating and delivering. Empirical data on business process workflows has been collected using two semi-structured interviews with two professionals from the language service industry. Data from the interviews has been used to perform an in-depth analysis of Memsource to assess the transferability of the respondent’s answers to the case study. The study has shown that Memsource can provide a shared translation memory across the team of translators to increase the use of recycled texts, which speeds up the translation while improving the quality. LSPs can integrate translators and monitor in real-time the progress of translation jobs. Each party can receive dedicated notifications for projects, which make the workflow smoother and more structured in the management of translation assignments. It is demonstrated that Memsource offers significantly improved management of business process workflows, but that not all companies are ready to change their management style, particularly in terms of organisation. Knowledge of cloud-based CAT tools varies greatly in the industry and is not used regularly by the majority of businesses.

EducationsMSc in Supply Chain Management , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages158
SupervisorsJawwad Raja