Creative Projects and Activities As a Mean to Build and Strengthen the Identity of Cultural Institutions: A Case Study of KU.BE and Resonans Festival

Sirinat Charluck Grønning Hansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis aims at researching how cultural institutions can utilize creative projects to build or enhance their corporate identity/DNA in a way that will enable them in strengthening their organizational profile both from an emic view (i.e. self-conception and self-perception) and etic view (i.e. how the users perceive the cultural institution). The thesis suggest that when a new cultural organization is establishing itself, it can to some extend negotiate their organizational identity and DNA through self-governed projects that explore and helps identify their core values and find out what works in the specific context. KU.BE, the case study of the thesis, and the vision behind it and the organizational identity are still very much in the making, creating their own blend and establishing a unique identity is a must. Without a long history and an established brand KU.BE needs to create all from scratch and stories are invented to fit the institution. With an expectancy that KU.BE can cater the needs of the broader mass and is an institution for everyone and they can easily become a cultural service station rather than an institution that push the boundaries of culture. The thesis among other suggests that KU.BE should apply a shared entrepreneurship in the organization that will allow the cultivation of a culture not based on hierarchical structures but with a higher degree of spontaneity where self motivation is key to create meaning, order and solutions to problems. Moreover, KU.BE should recognize that projects are pivotal for their success and let the projects become vector of their organizational strategy, and thus act as a project led organization. This approach can open up for inspiration in the agile and iterate way of managing, by creating and recreating possible ways of new organizational structures around the demands of each project. However, projects at KU.BE must not be assessed solely for the purpose of achieving commercial success. They should also be perceived as a way of integrating specialized intellectual knowledge and expertise to the organization within a limited timeframe. Furthermore, it is suggested that KU.BE should take an open innovation approach through cooperation on projects with various external partners as well as initiate co-creation practices as a way to stretch scarce resources and as a means to continuously be explorative. Moreover, this study supports more activities similarly to the Resonans festival that are customized to fit KU.BEs identity and has elements and strings of KU.BEs DNA, as something which will contribute in creating value and differentiates the organization from a overcrowded competitive environment, and help KU.BE reach a strong positioning on the market place

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages118