“Could E - Governance Become an Implementation Platform for Public - Private Partnerships?”: An Exploratory Study of PPP in Denmark

Inga Bodiu

Student thesis: Master thesis


Public Private Partnerships (PPP) are a relatively recent phenomenon in the international development cooperation between governments and businesses. These joint ventures are undertaken in an attempt to bring the benefits of private sector’s efficiency in the national agenda. Although many governments have considered various strategies for the partnerships’ inclusion, Denmark has proved to be an exception. With a short history and a relatively scarce knowledge, PPPs in Denmark did not gain much popularity. In the same time, the country has registered considerable progress in digital governmental services. The Danish government has always been keen to become in the top e-government service providers, therefore, it is using highly developed policies in order to achieve that. The current study has appeared as a result of the discrepancy in the available researches about the PPP sector in Denmark, mainly due to the lack of a centralized development platform. Therefore, as a potential solution, the paper is testing the possibility of using E-Governance services. A qualitative study consisting of semi-structured interviews has been carried out with 6 key specialists in the PPP domain. The data was then coded and analyzed in relation to the existing literature, and as a result, a new model was created. The model includes a set of requirements that a potential PPP platform should fulfill. Finally, the research question was tested against the new model and it resulted in a positive result. The paper points on the limitations of the PPPs in Denmark and their biggest barriers and it comes with a model for analyzing a potential PPP platform. The study serves as an introductory premise for future research.

EducationsMSocSc in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages144
SupervisorsMogens Kühn Pedersen