Coronas påvirkning på boligmarkedet

Theis Andersen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


This report addresses people with interest in the financial world, and mostly with interest in the real estate market. The topic is especially relevant now, due to the Corona pandemic which is happening all around the world. The Corona situation has left its marks on the financial world if we look worldwide. If we look at the financial situation in Denmark, it is not as critical as everyone first feared. This report contains an analysis of the development on the real estate market due to Corona, and why we see this development. The reports also contain an analysis of why we see this development in the market now, unlike the development in the market we saw last time we had the financial crises in Denmark. The analysis shows that the reason we see the positive development in the housing market, is because we have a strong economy today, compared to the last financial crises. We also see from the analysis, that since the last financial crises a lot of initiatives has been taken in the bank world, to secure the economy for everyone. Also, the government and the financial consuls has come up with a lot of requirements for the banks to comply. Therefore, we can say that it is likely that we have learned a lot after the last financial crises, and that has an important role in the development we see in this Corona crises. The conclusion to this analysis is, that the Corona situation has not influenced the real estate market. At least not a negative one. A thing I do not include in my analysis is the meaning of the psychological behavior, which I believe has an important role. I can from my analysis conclude, that people have been more aware of the importance of paying off on their loans and have a bigger savings, so that they are prepared to what may come.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in Financial Planning, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2021
Number of pages78