Consumer Engagement on Social Media: An Explorative Case Study of MÄT Foods on Instagram

Ditte Sofie Nielsen & Tenna Skov Thorsted

Student thesis: Master thesis


With the emergence of social media in the context of digital marketing strategy, various new opportunities and obstacles have arisen for companies. Social media has provided the opportunity for consumers to actively engage with brands by for example stating their opinion and creating content with brands, thus increasing the presence and importance of consumer engagement. Consumer engagement is the engagement with brands apart from purchasing and consuming products. However, many marketers struggle to utilize social media to engage their consumers, as it is difficult to understand what motivates consumers to follow, like, comment, and post brand related content. Thus, the concept of consumer engagement on social media becomes relevant to investigate to provide strategic guidelines for effective social media marketing strategies. The aim of this thesis is to investigate consumer engagement on the social media platform Instagram through a case study of the start-up company MÄT Foods. This is done through an explorative mixed methods approach. First, qualitative in-depth interviews with consumers, who have already engaged with MÄT Foods on Instagram are conducted. From these findings a quantitative online survey is conducted to investigate how intrinsic consumer engagement motivations may differ between Danish and German consumers. Lastly, both methods are combined to investigate how MÄT Foods should encourage consumer engagement when expanding to the new German market. The findings of the thesis indicate that for Danish and German consumers to engage with the MÄT Foods brand, the most important brand attribute is: health, closely followed by organic and natural ingredients, protein content, and the packaging & design appeal of the products. Other brand attributes that emerge from the data are: taste, brand owner knowledge, and karma (CSR-campaign). These should be utilized given the consumers’ intrinsic motivations: entertainment, information, inspiration, self-image, social connection and remuneration. It is recommended that MÄT Foods should pursue standardized marketing content on Instagram to encourage both Danish and German consumers, since they are found to have quite similar motivations for engagement overall.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages190
SupervisorsJan Michael Bauer