Code Camps as Part of IT Procurement in the Public Sector

Josef Longfors Hansen & Karin Anna Lena Norman

Student thesis: Master thesis


This Master’s thesis is concerned with the practical use of Code Camps as part of IT procurement in the public sector. The primary aim of this thesis is to investigate whether a potential deployment of Code Camps would facilitate and benefit current IT procurement processes at KOMBIT. The secondary aims are to assess and add understanding to the contemporary concept of Code Camps in a public setting, and to present examples of its practical usage. Moreover, this study also aims at investigating the shortcomings of requirement specifications in the context of public IT development. The study attempts to establish insights on how Code Camps can be used as part of awarding criterias during IT procurement and supports vendor selection in a public sector context as a source for unveiling capabilities before entering a contract, seeing that little is known about Code Camps and its benefits. Hence, the study operates under the pragmatic paradigm, with focus on action, intervention and constructive knowledge. Empirical data have been collected using qualitative research methods by conducting partially-structured interviews and retrieving historical reports and documents to enable a rich understanding of the concept of Code Camps, how it is used in context and its beneficial outcomes. In essence, this Master’s thesis contributes with an in-depth account of how Code Camps currently is being used in a public setting using the case of Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen (STAR), and how it can help optimize IT procurement processes. The findings both support and extend current knowledge of Code Camps, as well as contributes to the scarce pool of Code Camp literature. The practical usage at STAR shows that Code Camps is a beneficial addition to awarding criterias as part of vendor selection. The study ends by concluding that Code Camps is an effective addition to IT procurement, and in order for KOMBIT to benefit from Code Camps, communication and allocation of resources must be taken into account.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages240
SupervisorsMogens Kühn Pedersen