Challenges in the Interior Design Studio: How to Innovate the Interior Design Service Process

Diana-Maria Fogas

Student thesis: Master thesis


The Danish Design2020 Committee is making efforts in branding Denmark as a design society by the year 2020. Design is perceived as a driver for innovation and economic growth. The market analysis breakdown of the number of establishments in Denmark shows that there are more 1-4 men firms than larger studios within the interior design industry. This supports the theoretical presentation of the industry that describes the industry as an industry where business models are created around the roles of the designers and the themes approached in projects. The thesis provides a description of the interior design service and looks at it as the value provided to the customer. Since the value is in the service process, innovation has to happen in regard to the process. The thesis discusses the challenges that an interior design studio faces while trying to have an innovative approach. Johannes Torpe Studios claims that it has a holistic approach to design and that makes it different in the industry. The case analysis shows however that their claim contradicts the theory and their own actions. Moreover, such an approach creates tensions that make the studio change the service offering and it pushes it out of the interior design industry. This also affects the identity of Johannes Torpe Studios because at present time the studio still offers services in interior design and branding. Based on the case of Johannes Torpe Studios the findings show that in order to have an innovative approach to the business model within a creative industry, strategies needs to be developed. The Service-Design Thinking approach offers a perspective on how the studio can innovate the process of interior design and create value both for the customer and the organization. The tools and methods proposed are based on research that is valuable for the development of the business model. The thesis presents an overall picture of how the industry runs, what elements define the industry and how by innovating the interior design process, the business model will be developed along and customer satisfaction will be enhance which ultimately adds onto the industry growth.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages84