A case study on marketing for Non-Profit organizations on the market for specialized social services in Denmark

Morten Thorsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


With the increasing focus on Private-Public Partnerships from the Danish government and a municipality reform, Non-profit organizations that specialize in social care have seen big changes in the market place during the last few years. Nevertheless, the subject of collaboration between Nonprofit organizations and the Danish municipalities is somewhat overlooked both by scholars and practitioners. Due to the increasing complexity of the market for specialized social care the Nonprofit organizations operating on this market need to address the changes in order to stay relevant. This will be a difficult process, however, and due to the currently limited body of litterature concerning this topic, there is still a significant amount of uncertainty related to it. This thesis seeks to provide additional insight into the field of study. This will be done through the use of different theories and models providing insight into the processes connected to the collaboration. Subsequently I will be building upon these theories and using them to extract relevant data from the related cases. My data stem from qualitative data obtained through interviews with personal from a Non-profit organization called FABU and to different municipalities and concerns collaboration on the market for specialized social care. Through my analysis of these cases I was able to explore variables that affect the collaboration and conclude that the complexity of the marketplace calls for strategic processes being put in place by Non-profit organizations in order to thrive, thus underlining the importance of this field of study. During the research I have developed a model that Non-profit organizations will be able to use in order better market themselves. The model seeks to provide a strategic marketing tool which factors in the different variables concerning collaboration between Non-profit organizations and the Danish municipalities. The findings of this thesis seek to contribute to the body of knowledge pertaining to collaboration between Non-profit organizations and the Danish municipalities. This will be done by providing necessary theoretical tools in order to help Non-profit organizations better market themselves on the increasingly complex market for specialized social services.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages81