Nordeas integration af Fionia Bank: Et studie af meningsdannelse og brugen af coaching

Kasper Skovgaard Pedersen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


This thesis will concern the integration of Fionia Bank into Nordea. Fionia Bank suffered from the economical crisis initiated in 2008, and following their economical problems they were overtaken by Nordea. The thesis’ main focus is on how sensemaking is achieved in the organizational change according to Karl E. Weicks seven properties. Sensemaking is defined by Karl E. Weick (1995) as the process that takes place whenever we try to create meaning based on our experiences. It defines the way in which we perceive the world and thereby also the way we act. In order to comprehend how the employees in Fionia Bank will react to the organizational change, sensemaking is a motivating angle to enlighten. But it is also interesting to see how sensemaking can be facilitated. The thesis focuses on how the immediate manager to facilitate sensemaking. This angle is used because Nordea is using coaching as a managing tool in everyday work. By trying to examine if this managing tool can facilitate sensemaking, I am apple to provide the integration process with new specific approaches to coaching and thus facilitating the sensemaking within Fionia Bank employees. By examining several working papers from Nordea concerning the integration process and conducting interviews with a member from the human resource department, a bank manager and a member of a Nordea integration squad, I am able to provide the thesis with analysis that can support my thesis. The case provides me with information on how the integration phase is constructed and how it is experienced by the employees and how it is viewed by the managers. The thesis concludes that coaching, as a thorough and dedicated process can support the sensemaking and thus the organizational change.

EducationsThe Graduate Diploma in Organisation, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages68