Differentiering af SATS i fitnessbranchen: En strategisk markedsføringsplan

Rasin Zind

Student thesis: Master thesis


This Master thesis is written at Copenhagen Business School in 2011 and it is a strategic marketing plan for the fitness chain SATS. The topic in this thesis is about SATS, an international fitness chain in Scandinavia. The Problem formulation is to analyse SATS’ opportunities for the establishment and earnings in the Danish market within the fitness industry. To solve this problem, I have developed a marketing plan to stress out the elements of challenges and solutions for SATS on the Danish market. I have undergone a macro and micro analysis to determine the challenges SATS will meet on the way. In my micro analysis, I found out that there are good growths opportunities in the fitness and wellness industry. I have undergone a macro analysis of the current competitors in the market. I found that the intensity of competitions is high, as most chains offer virtually the same product. On the other hand, the demand for fitness is very high and there are growth opportunities, and I believe SATS can take advantage of it on the Danish market. In order to make the best possible strategic marketing plan for SATS, a qualitative and quantitative analysis have been carried out. I made a interview with Christian Skalborg, who is the marketing executive at SATS and three other interviews with people, who have a membership at a fitness club. From all the interviews and the qualitative research, I gathered enough knowledge about the fitness industry in Denmark and about consumer behaviour. I made my research questions and hypotheses based on the qualitative study, whish I wanted to test in the quantitative analysis. From the analysis, I found out what the costumers needs are and what SATS need to do to meet the demands from the costumers. After identifying the needs of the costumers and SATS’ competitive advantages, strategic goals were set up for SATS in two years time and strategic marketing plan was presented.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages141