"Man skal have det godt når man kommer, men man skal gerne have det endnu bedre, når man går herfra": om motivation og fastholdelse i en ledelsespraksis

Jonas Damgaard

Student thesis: Master thesis


Are companies aware of motivating and retention of their highly specialized employees? HR-professor Henrik Holt Larsen warns that most companies will lose their specialized employees if they do not see motivation integrated in their use of management (Grunge 2011). Dansk Video Tekst/Camp David has succeeded in having long retention of their employees. That story of success is the motivational foundation of this thesis. With Dansk Video Tekst/Camp David as the empirical basis I wanted to analyze how Dansk Video Tekst/Camp David uses management initiatives in relation to motivation and how retention of employees could be related to these management initiatives and motivation. Overall this master thesis examines perspectives on management, motivation and retention of employees. The conclusion of the analysis is that the management initiatives at Dansk Video Tekst/Camp David are centered on building a highly social environment with a high level of interaction. In regards to this there are as well high levels of autonomy in doing the tasks and the employees feels that their contribution is serving a bigger aim than just creating a subtitle. These findings all functions as motivation for the employees. In addition to the above mentioned I found that the management of Dansk Video Tekst/Camp David is appearing to be very social with their employees. Although there is a “flat hierarchy” at the company, the management was aware of the retention of the employees. This became clear as the management actively took decisions of how to distribute the tasks so the employees felt interest and also were able to be stimulated in regard to their specialization. The creation of a “group-feeling” and the active strategy on distribution of tasks were both positive assets in relation to retention of employees.

EducationsMSocSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages77