The Application of Service Design to Improve BasketLigaen Product and Commercialize Basketball in Denmark

Greta Pezzotti

Student thesis: Master thesis


Within the Danish sport industry, it is not surprising that football, as in many European countries, is the most popular sport. In Denmark, basketball is only the twenty-fourth sport for number of Federal members. Despite its lack of popularity, there is a men professional league, BasketLigaen, which stands in the shadow of football and strives to compete for Danes entertainment expenditure. The League has been concentrating the efforts on filling up the sport arenas in order to make people aware they exist.
Among the facets that in the existing literature have been considered to improve BasketLigaen product and its popularity, the fan experience delivered in sport arenas and off field initiatives have been rather underestimated. The fact that, nowadays, products and services alone does not give businesses competitive advantage nor provides added value to customers, urges companies to differentiate. Even more so this is valid for Danish basketball to stand out in a football- dominated industry: actual evidences of NBA and Euroleague pinpoint the importance of the experience besides the game itself.
Therefore, the purpose of this master thesis is to provide BasketLigaen and the teams with possible improvements of the fan experience in combination with ideas for initiatives and activities occurring other than the game day. In this respect, the main theory adopted is service design. Service design discipline has guided and informed the researcher throughout the entire research process, giving a structured approach to investigate the actual situation and helping in defining the methodological choices.
Other theoretical frameworks have been included in the thesis in order to support the research: experience economy which is the context where service designers work in, sport and event consumer behavior to uncover the reasons for consumption and sport and event management as the areas affected by the improvements proposed.
The main power of service design is to individualize the actual problem from the perspective of customers, the end-users of a service, enabling the implementation of experiences that respond to existing problems highlighted by people. Therefore, in this thesis, sport consumers are involved in the process and engaged in a conversation which is based on their level of attachment to Danish basketball (generally interested, spectators and season-ticket holders).
The suggestions provided have good reason to be potentially successful because already implemented in other leagues, as brought to light by the background knowledge of the researcher, and due to the fact that have been informed by meaningful insights gathered from sport consumers and successively tested with them.

EducationsMSocSc in Service Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages97