Én stjerne til Nordea: Et speciale om online brugeranmeldelsers påvirkning på Nordeas image

Maria Benedicte Wedell-Neergaard & Camilla Mollerup

Student thesis: Master thesis


Image is an important factor for the success of any company and this master’s thesis therefore seeks to investigate how the global phenomenon online user reviews are influencing and changing the way a corporate image is created and measured. This will be examined based on the case of the internationally operating bank Nordea, which suffers from negative reviews and the second lowest ranking in its industry on Trustpilot.
”One star for Nordea” is a master’s thesis, which examines the effect of online reviews on Nordeas image in Denmark and how they challenge the traditional perspectives of image theory. To carry out the investigation we have gathered a sample of Nordeas online reviews, expert reports like Voxmeter and others which will be the subject for analysis based on a big and varied theoretical fundament including traditional theories on image creation and measuring. This thesis concerns image creation and measuring on Trustpilot, which we find interesting as field of investigation, because the exciting modern theories regarding image are not adequate and fit to explain the processes that take place on the platform.
This paper goes on to conclude that the online reviews on Trustpilot affect Nordeas image to a large extend because of several of factors. Mainly because of the fact that the platform is accessible and its content is created by users, which generate a high sense of credibility among consumers. The fact that the consumers are both authors and readers of the online reviews indicates that the consumers are influencing companies’ corporate images in the terms that they have the power to decide when and about what they want to discuss regarding a company.
As a result of our analysis we found that the reviews can be seen as meta-fragments or parts of a whole. To understand which fragments of Nordea that are most important to the costumers when writing online reviews/meta-fragments, we investigated the concrete parameters in the reviews further. We found that the specific meta-fragments are the most influential, as they tell a story and thereby allow readers of the reviews to identify themselves with the writer to some extend. This combined with the consumers meeting with a fragment of Nordea, such as an experience with costumer service or a product is crucial to Nordeas image, because the fragments are objects of negotiation and meaning between the costumers. This results in the creation of Nordeas image. Based on the analysis, we conclude that the online reviews have revolutionized the role of the modern consumer, because they challenge the traditional theoretical aspects, that image is something relatively dominated by the company.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages182
SupervisorsSøren Schultz Hansen