Strategisk analyse af Ørsted Offshore

Lasse Nedergaard

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


The purpose of this thesis is to define the strategic fit for Ørsted Offshore, so that they can keep their position as market leader in Europe, UK included.
This has been done through a strategic management framework from the textbook Exploring strategy by Johnson et. al. Here proven strategic models has been used for analysis purposes and afterwards to define the strategy Ørsted Offshore should pursue.
The analysis has been divided into two parts an external using PESTEL and Porter’s five forces. Here the key elements have been identified as good market conditions due to an increased focus on green energy, attractive growth industry with increasing competition where technology has been the main driver for cost reduction.
The internal analysis has been made using Porters value chain, identifying the key activities, within the value chain, as the ones leading up to the bid for the offshore windfarm auction. The notion being that the bid prize is the determining factor for the customer (the government having the auction) and the activities leading up to the bid will define product profitability. To further strengthen the internal analysis the VRIO-model has been used to identify strategic capabilities within Ørsted Offshore. The key findings were internal knowledge of the business, historical benchmark data from more project than any other developer and very profitable asset management.
The findings from the analysis have then been applied in the following strategic models; Porter’s generic strategies and Ansoff’s growth matrix. Together with considerations on interactive strategies, and different types of growth, the competitive strategy that will keep Ørsted Offshore in their current position, has been found as cost leadership with an accompanying market penetration growth strategy.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in Accounting and Financial Management, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages76
SupervisorsStig Hartmann