The institutionalization of the ‘cloud computing paradigm’ within the professional community of information technology managers

Asbjørn Bernt Høegh

Student thesis: Master thesis


The present dissertation initially discusses the emergence of ‘cloud computing’ within the global computer industry at large, arguing that the phenomenon that it is not really a technology per se, but a whole new way of thinking about and interacting socially around the use of already existing and proven technologies such as networking, hardware and software. As, it is reasoned, ‘cloud computing’ is a paradigm and an institution in the new sociological sense of the term. Having argued that global computer industry participants at large converged around the ‘cloud computing paradigm’ in 2008, the dissertation sets forth to investigate whether and to what possible gradation that the ‘cloud computing paradigm’ has been institutionalized within the professional community of information technology managers. An institutionalization of the ‘cloud computing paradigm’ within this specific professional community, it is reasoned, is essential for the global computer industry; this professional community occupies the formal hierarchical positions, which are responsible for the adoption of the ‘cloud computing paradigm’ and its associated technological structures in organizational life. Having discussed organizational neoinstitutionalism, and presented a new sociological theory of institutionalization, the dissertation operationalizes the core tenets of self-same in an empirical study of the professional discourse on the ‘cloud computing paradigm’ in four principal outlets of the information technology management trade press, in the period from primo 2008 until ultimo 2012. The ‘cloud computing paradigm’, it is concluded, is medium institutionalized within the professional community.

EducationsMSc in Strategy, Organization and Leadership, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages106