The Role of Green Server Hosting in the Digishift Era: A discussion from the theoretical point of view

Oscar Andrés Canda Toledo & Clara Víf Waage

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of this study is to discuss, from the theoretical point of view, the part that Green Server Hosting is playing in the Digishift Era. More specifically what kind of benefits Green Server Hosting might provide to the Operations and Marketing & Sales activities of Google and Facebook. A research question was established and secondary data was used in order to find results through theoretical framework, and analyzed against the activities performed by the chosen companies. The lack of collaboration to the research from private institutions conditioned this kind of analysis. Within this paper it is expected that the reader can obtain understanding of how the effects of global warming and the increasing awareness of its effects on the planet are not only threatening companies, but offering new opportunities to develop new markets and even increasing their revenues. From the theoretical point of view green initiatives, including Green Server Hosting can optimize environmental processes, enhancing but not alone the success for an Environmental Corporate Strategy. The findings regarding Google and Facebook activities regarding green initiatives might be a signal of trust in what some researchers have proposed, however the paper did not attempt to be conclusive as further research needs to be done and the implemented models must be tested.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages82