Revised strategy for Amager Strandpark: Revised strategy with focus on commercialization

Martin Faber & Christian Claudio Lai

Student thesis: Master thesis


Amager Strandpark has existed in many years and has been used as a beach since 1934. Since then a lot of ideas and new initiatives have tried completed but with very little success. After a lot of these failed initiatives an agreement was reached in May 2004 and Amager Strandpark, as it looks today, stood ready to greed the first visitors in September 2005. Amager Strandpark is currently run by the public sector and financed via this as well. As it is today the area is to a large extent covered by a preservation agreement in order to maintain the green and recreational purpose that is set to accommodate the needs and wants of the general target market. Changing the current strategies of Amager Strandpark towards the more commercial realms of strategy, opens up for a number of beneficial gains for all the stakeholders. Being able to cover most if not all the subsidies provided by the municipalities while still fulfilling all the success criteria is the aim, as the potential of the market and revenue generated at Amager Strandpark are not currently met. Today the experience economy is widespread and linked to many services in order to increase attractiveness and popularity among the markets in which companies aim and our revised strategies focus on this. Focusing on the huge potential, Amager Strandpark has opened up for a vast number of potential experience economy possibilities that will help the process of making Amager Strandpark just as popular as it can become, with the necessity of a revised commercial strategy. The idea and reason for doing this is based on the potential and amazing possibility of doing so, after the making of this amazing venue as Amager Strandpark is. The ambition is, over time, to make Amager Strandpark a preferred destination and a venue that people, local- and national tourists as well as international tourists, will look upon as a high profile place and a need to experience, venue. We have learned throughout the making of this master thesis that the market will embrace these new initiatives especially because it does not compromise the original success criteria’s originally set for Amager Strandpark. The implementation of these new strategies will take time but we believe that this will be worthwhile. Little by little Amager Strandpark can grow into being a renowned place to be during warm summer days and in the less warm periods as well. Big challenges, organizational as well as practical, wait ahead but with a very big potential return on investments also. Amager Strandpark was built for the public, but if the public requests further development should Amager Strandpark not comply and move with the requests put forward.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages164