Competitive Environmental Strategies in Hotels: The case of Marco Polo Davao in the Philippines

Maureen Angelica T. Padilla

Student thesis: Master thesis


Hotels particularly affect the sustainability of the natural environment due to consumption of large amounts of natural water and energy and leaving behind substantial amounts of waste. There has been growing social concern and demands among different stakeholders for environmentally friendly hotels. Despite the growing demand and popularity, only a handful of hotel companies are said to have adopted environmental management and used it for gaining competitive advantage. The study takes on the case of Marco Polo Davao, a chained hotel in the Philippines. A competitive environmental strategy was suggested for the firm after examining the different factors and actors that are said to influence the firm’s decisions on environmental management. The perceptions on environmental management of the managers of Marco Polo Davao were first looked into. An examination of the other factors and actors that are said to influence managers’ suggestions and decisions in selecting a competitive environmental strategy followed. The factors include environmental legislation, resources and capabilities, facilitators/opportunities & barriers/challenges. The actors include the suppliers, employees and customers, who were also interviewed and surveyed for their respective views and opinions. Lastly, recommendations for action areas are enumerated, according to the findings from the interviews and surveys. The study found out that there is a positive attitude towards environmental management among the four stakeholder groups. The hotel has current environmental efforts but is limited by resources and market conditions. Most of the findings on the factors affecting decisions on environmental management supported the theoretical assumptions. One very significant finding however, was that none of the managers regard customers’ demand as a facilitator while the customer survey results showed that there is indeed a high interest in environmentally responsible hotels. A beyond compliance strategy is suggested for Marco Polo Davao to adopt in designing its environmental management program.

EducationsMSocSc in Service Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages97