Place Branding: Lolland-Falster som brand

Anne Ipsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The islands of Lolland/Falster (LF) have long been troubled by people attached to the labour market fleeing the area, leaving behind a large majority of uneducated and elderly people on welfare. But in recent years LF have seen a growth within both tourism and business development. However, in spite of the recent progress, LF still suffer from a bad image. Therefore, it is interesting to investigate why there is discrepancy between the brand & identity (how LF want to be perceived and how they communicate it) and the brand image (how LF are perceived) of Lolland/Falster. Based on an analysis of selected media, LF’s narrative is researched and discussed, thus showing how LF wish to be perceived, and how this is reflected in the media. The result of this study shows that LF are characterised by two sub/narratives, which are partially incoherent and do not differentiate themselves from other places in Denmark. By having two partially incoherent sub/narratives LF have consequently failed to create an overall brand and a unique brand identity. In order to investigate LF’s image and why LF are perceived as they are, a questionnaire/ based survey was made. The results from this survey have throughout the thesis been compared with LF’s story in order to illustrate the gap between LF’s brand&identity and image. The survey shows that people in Copenhagen mainly associates LF with social outcasts and “udkantsdanmark (a peripheral region or outlying district that often suffers from lower economic activity and less job opportunities), but also with nature and beaches. In addition to highlighting the stereotypical prejudices of Copenhageners, the survey most importantly shows that there is a clear lack of knowledge about LF. This lack of knowledge creates disparity between LF’s brand&identity and brand image and is due to the fact that LF have not focused enough on creating their brand. The conclusion is that LF have been unsuccessful in communicating their narrative therefore making it unnoticeable. This is owing to the fact that LF does not have an overall brand that differentiates them from other places.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages236