Building Opportunities for VR: A Constructivist Grounded Theory of How to Build Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Sidsel Bjørnseth

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of this study was to generate a substantive theory to better understand the entrepreneurial learning processes situated in a context of rapidly evolving technology. This thesis uses Constructivist Grounded Theory Methodology to study an entrepreneurial learning process through the empirical case xR Creators Lab. The data gathered consists of participatory observation and 9 in-depth interviews. The substantive theory of “Building opportunities for VR” has three components Building a Safe Culture, Creating Future Engagements and Managing Network, which together demonstrates an entrepreneurial learning process where entrepreneurial opportunities are actively developed. The findings from this study are linked to extant literature from the field on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education in order to enrich the theory.

EducationsMSocSc in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages88
SupervisorsNicola Ens