Branding with Instagram Influencers: How Fashion Companies can Utilize Instagrammers as a Part of the Instagram Strategy

Michala Thunbo-Tesch & Aino-Maija Eveliina Koljonen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Objective: The objective of this study is to acquire an understanding of how fashion companies can use Instagram and Instagrammers as part of their branding strategy. In order to be more concrete in our research, we have used the Finnish fashion company, Marimekko. We investigated how Marimekko could utilize Instagram and Instagrammers to reach their goals of creating brand awareness among their target group in Denmark and change already existing attitudes towards the brand. Methodology: The study will accomplish its research objective through a social constructivist approach. The empirical data in this thesis originates from primary and secondary sources. The primary data consists of data collected through an online questionnaire with the total sample size of 97 and expert interview. In addition we used relevant websites, blogs and social media networking sites to collect empirical data. Findings: Our findings show that in order to create awareness among Danish millennials through Instagram Marimekko should use Instagram as a megaphone to spread out their messages to a big audience but also as a magnet to attract traffic to their account. Marimekko should aim to post content that they followers engage with in order to create relationships and increase the organic reach through E-word-of-mouth. The findings of this thesis also shows that the Instagrammers who Marimekko should work have to be aligned with the company's values and overall strategy. In Denmark Marimekko should use a mixture of mega, macro and micro Instagrammers for different purposes.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages90
SupervisorsChristine Lenstrup