BPI’s muligheder for at udfordre efterspørgslen på det svenske foodservice marked

Mikkel Bille Rasmussen & Frederik Jensen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


In general, the foodservice sector has big impact on the global economy. Not only in Thailand and Sweden as this report will take its base upon, but in the entire world. BPI is a Danish company, but trades worldwide with different types of meat, to different markets and in different currencies. The chicken industry with import from Asia to Europe is influenced by several factors. Some of the bigger ones are macro factors such as political matters, countries rules and regulations for animal wealth but also the consumers request and focus on ecological produced products, but also the environmental aspect has its impact to the industry. Sweden and its government have made regulations and have a focus on meat in Sweden, which includes antibiotics. This focus and regulations have increased the consumers demand for ecological products or regular produced chicken with low number of antibiotics in Sweden. BPI is on that behalf facing new challenges for their import of chicken from Thailand. In this report, we aim to analyze the Swedish foodservice market and why BPI faces increased competition on their market shares. During this report, we analyzed the challenges and possibilities the company will face and are facing already today. The analyzes will show how the market is, but also which factors are in the micro, macro and meso level. Furthermore, our aim with this report has been to show the struggles that BPI faces, but also how they can deal and navigate through these struggles. The report will therefore identify which initiatives that will help the company to navigate in this hard market conditions and regain their market shares. BPI trade and sells their products for several European markets, and some of the analyzed material will be effective for BPI to use on other European markets, as for example the Danish and Swedish consumers and foodservice market has a lot of synergy effects. Because of the hard competition in the market, the report tendencies of market being monopolistic. BPI operate as the trader between suppliers, in this context slaughterhouse and the costumers which are restaurants and small engross companies. BPI must show their eligibility during their service, quality so the suppliers and customers in the B2B market will use their skills. If not, they will also face a huge threat here. Therefore, this report will also include parameters of their capabilities and skills. In that perspective we are analyzing their marketing and branding, or lack of same. The internal and external parameters are shown in the report under SWOT / TOWS model and will assist to highlight the most important tools for BPI and their future choice of navigating through market and create higher market level in Sweden. Side 6 af 83 In the end of the report, the conclusion showed, based upon our analyzed research that BPI needs to hire 1-2 employees who have the skills to establish and build up the entire brand and make sure that the marketing will be done correctly. So far, the Swedish demand have tended to buy more and more Swedish produced chicken meat, but with proven quality documents and the right marketing and branding we believe that BPI can regain more market shares in Sweden. But it is important that they invest in new employees with the required knowledge and accept a time horizon of 2-3 years to fully implement and see results.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in International Business, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages78