Boligmarkedets udvikling og inflationens påvirkning

Christina Kampmann Petersen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


In the flowing report, it will be explained what consequences the impact of a rising inflation has on the Danish real estate market. The report will take time from the financial crisis in 2007/2008 and until to today, to see how the development of the market has gone through the years.
The war of Russia and Ukraine, has become an impact for so many countries including Denmark. We see the impact of a rising inflation in Denmark, where the banks has raised the rates, and living has just got more expensive through the last year.
When it comes to the real estate market, the report will only be aware of the impact on a house where a family lives in, is a definition of two adults and two children.
A new build house has over the last years been more attractive to build instead of buying a house there already is on the market. It was the impact of a low rates, rising salaries and a low inflation, there have got it more attractive.
But the last two years it has become more expensive to build a new house, because of the impact of the inflation on building materials. Building materials has since 2015 been raised with almost 35% and that’s why it has become more expensive to build a new house instead of buying a similarly house which is already build with same materials.
Since the start of 2022, where the war come out and banks begin to rising the rates and the rising of a higher inflation on the market, can now been seen on statistics, where there are fewer houses being sold and the pricing on the houses has become lower.
It seems like the year of 2023 will be a year where there will be fewer houses on the market for sales, and the pricing of them will still getting lower, cause the impact of the rising rates has not been shown the total impact of it yet, so the buyers are not ready yet to buy.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in Financial Planning, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication dateMay 2023
Number of pages60