Udkast til en merkonomi

Nicolai Hutters

Student thesis: Master thesis


This hypo-thesis asserts the existence of a nomos which is the originative source of commer-cial exchange in its essence or at least the possibility of the existence of such a nomos. As such this nomos could very well be that which originate the skill of the business student. At least if the business of business is exchange. The thesis is a strange way towards everyday words like labour, organization, economics and exchange. And is an attempt to reach these words in a more than pinpointing semiotic way; that is: By letting them be what ever they are. The reach is therefore meant to be a receipt which reveals there essence; i.e. making them present. The thesis is therefore not an ordinary way towards economics. But then again the thesis sets outs to separate exchange from eco-nomics, which is never the less a well integrated part of economics. And as such it tries to draft out the possibility of merconomics; which is the suggested name for the way commodi-ties are prized with an eye for the essence of exchange. A possibility which the thesis argue is established by acknowledging the difference between supplying one own wants and supplying one another’s. To draft this possibility the thesis sets out to establish an understanding for labour and its organization. And thereby clear the way for that nomos which is the common ground of economics and merconomics. And by revealing an exchange that supplies one an-other’s wants, the thesis argues that the possibility of merconomics is established. The thesis is an attempt to show the possibility of an organization based on the essence of commercial exchange. Which is argued to differ from the economic organization in that prize is not seen as indication of alternative use of property (cost), but as that relation which makes the commodities exchangeable, and therefore only exists as that relation whereby those, who are engaged in exchanging, actually fulfils the exchange; or to be more precise: The prize is unconcealed as that which have the limit of exchange. As such the thesis could be of interest to those kinds of economic organization, for whom exchange is considered to be a part of economics; i.e. who are using price as an indication of cost.

EducationsMSc in Philosophy, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages81