Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Media: An inquiry of stakeholder interaction on Social Media and the nature of Normativity and expectations in a business perspective

Bergdis Gisladottir & Lennart Vidbjørg

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis applies an explorative approach to a Social Media Data set. We use a visualization tool for Social Media Analytics along with manual text mining to obtain an insight into stakeholder expectations on the Facebook wall of companies within the textile industry. The relationship between stakeholder expectations and company reputation in a social media context is discussed, and how this is impacted by a communication crisis. We use the Savar building collapse as a reference point in order to analyse how stakeholder expectations are expressed before and during a major disaster that affected the textile industry with focus on H&M and Walmart. Situational Crisis Communication Theory is used to illustrate how the companies that were affected by the crisis reacted and interacted with their stakeholders. We use perspectives from business literature and social science to analyse the Social Media Data from the companies. We combine data analytics and social science to perceive the obtained data from different angles and perspectives and recognize patterns that are hidden in the unstructured data. We analyse how social media influences the discourse concerning CSR and how stakeholders engage with, and perceive companies in a Facebook setting. We argue that company reputation and the discourse concerning CSR is rooted in stakeholder expectations. Facebook also has a profound influence on how stakeholders perceive certain events and their surrounding world in general.

EducationsMSc in International Business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages144